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Facts and figures about Asia at a glance

Asia is one of the seven continents in the world. There are a total of 51 countries and territories in Asia with a total population of 4,542,480,905 people. Since Asia is the continent with the two most populous countries, China and India, therefore, Asia is also the most populous continent and with 101.9 people per sqkm the most densely populated continent in the world.

Facts and figures about Asia
AsiaAS5144,579,000 km24,542,480,905 people101.9

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Map of Asia

Map of Asia

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Largest cities in Asia

There are 52 cities in Asia with a population of more than 4,000,000 people.
Largest cities in Asia
Shanghai1.22,315,474 peopleChinaAsia
Beijing2.18,960,744 peopleChinaAsia
Shenzhen3.17,494,398 peopleChinaAsia
Guangzhou4.16,096,724 peopleChinaAsia
Istanbul5.14,804,116 peopleTurkeyAsia
Chengdu6.13,568,357 peopleChinaAsia
Mumbai7.12,691,836 peopleIndiaAsia
Karachi8.11,624,219 peoplePakistanAsia
Tianjin9.11,090,314 peopleChinaAsia
Delhi10.10,927,986 peopleIndiaAsia
Wuhan11.10,392,693 peopleChinaAsia
Dhaka12.10,356,500 peopleBangladeshAsia
Seoul13.10,349,312 peopleSouth KoreaAsia
Dongguan14.9,644,871 peopleChinaAsia
Xi'an15.9,600,000 peopleChinaAsia
Nanjing16.9,314,685 peopleChinaAsia
Hangzhou17.9,236,032 peopleChinaAsia
Foshan18.9,042,509 peopleChinaAsia
Ho Chi Minh City19.8,993,082 peopleVietnamAsia
Jakarta20.8,540,121 peopleIndonesiaAsia
Bengaluru21.8,443,675 peopleIndiaAsia
Tokyo22.8,336,599 peopleJapanAsia
Hanoi23.8,053,663 peopleVietnamAsia
Taipei24.7,871,900 peopleTaiwanAsia
Hong Kong25.7,482,500 peopleHong KongAsia
Chongqing26.7,457,599 peopleChinaAsia
Baghdad27.7,216,000 peopleIraqAsia
Qingdao28.7,172,451 peopleChinaAsia
Tehran29.7,153,309 peopleIranAsia
Shenyang30.7,050,000 peopleChinaAsia
Hyderabad31.6,809,970 peopleIndiaAsia
Suzhou32.6,715,559 peopleChinaAsia
Ahmedabad33.6,357,693 peopleIndiaAsia
Lahore34.6,310,888 peoplePakistanAsia
Singapore35.5,638,700 peopleSingaporeAsia
Harbin36.5,242,897 peopleChinaAsia
Bangkok37.5,104,476 peopleThailandAsia
Hefei38.5,050,000 peopleChinaAsia
Dalian39.4,913,879 peopleChinaAsia
Changchun40.4,714,996 peopleChinaAsia
Jeddah41.4,697,000 peopleSaudi ArabiaAsia
Chennai42.4,681,087 peopleIndiaAsia
Kolkata43.4,631,392 peopleIndiaAsia
Xiamen44.4,617,251 peopleChinaAsia
Surat45.4,591,246 peopleIndiaAsia
Yangon46.4,477,638 peopleMyanmarAsia
Kabul47.4,434,550 peopleAfghanistanAsia
Wuxi48.4,396,835 peopleChinaAsia
Jinan49.4,335,989 peopleChinaAsia
Taiyuan50.4,303,673 peopleChinaAsia
Zhengzhou51.4,253,913 peopleChinaAsia
Riyadh52.4,205,961 peopleSaudi ArabiaAsia

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